Our highlight in detail

The weforyou Sample Transfer ROBOT system


Our sample transfer robot includes multiple ways of protection. On the one hand, the independent HEPA filter prevents aerosol leakage and increases the safety of laboratory technicians. On the other hand, two built-in UV lamps and an external droplet plate provide contamination protection to ensure stable and reliable test results. In addition, four independent scanning modules ensure easy and reliable traceability as they are compatible with both QR codes and barcodes. Sample tubes are identified and registered to store and retrieve sample content information at each pipetting step. With a collection volume of more than 10 000 samples per day, this highly automated system can reduce manual work steps, in addition to saving costs and time. The robot is compact, occupying an area of only about 0.7 m2 (1300mm x 660mm x 720mm). The pipetting arms operate with a precision of 2%-7% depending on the pipetting volume and a positioning accuracy of ±1mm.


Our multitasking talent

The sample transfer robot has 4 transfer pipetting modules and acquires the data simultaneously using 4 built-in code scanners. The transfer volume is up to 1 mL.

Efficient & easy handling

The pool sizes of this robot can be flexibly adjusted and it can also be combined with various extraction plates. Due to this automated process, it can process 96 samples in only 14 minutes.

More features of the robot

The robot comes with HEPA filter, UV lamp, droplet collection plate and many more features. Furthermore, the robot opens and closes the sample tubes auto-matically.

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Do you have further questions? Please give us a call!
we are looking forward hearing from you!

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